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Feeling Half My Age at Farrell's!

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Imagine lying on the floor, gasping for air after completing two… just two jump squats. That was me when my wife, Vicky, demonstrated the jump squat for me. She was enrolled at Farrell’s and she wanted me to join the following session. Despite the obvious evidence to how out of shape I was, I resisted.

“It’s too expensive.”

“The class times don’t work for me.”

“It’s not a real gym.”

She persisted, I resisted. One day she came home from Farrell’s and told me that she had enrolled me in the Spring 2016 class. So much for my excuses.

If jump squats in my living room hadn’t been enough warning, orientation was. At 6’2” I didn’t really look fat, but when I took my shirt off for pictures, reality hit me full on. Push-ups and sit ups were weak and I couldn’t remember the last time I had run. I came home not feeling very good about myself.

The first couple of weeks were chaotic, learning the new moves in kickboxing and how to use resistance bands. The motivation provided by high-energy instructors made it pretty easy to give everything I had for 45 minutes (even when I wasn’t quite doing everything correctly). Nutrition came easier as earlier in life I had been a competitive mountain biker. I was used to preparing food for the week and treating it as fuel. Fun Days initially were a little bit overboard, but in a few weeks I had reigned that in, too. At the five-week testing I could already see what was possible with the program. I wasn’t where I wanted to be; not even close, but even small progress can be motivating. The first eight weeks of classes seemed to take eight months, but the last two weeks seemed to take two minutes! As the finish line approached I could see everyone turning it up a notch. You can do amazing things as an individual, but when you’re in a group you can’t help but give even more.

Ten-week testing was quite a shock. There were people that I hadn’t seen in five weeks and in that short time the transformations were incredible. I was pleased with my results and was ready for the party later that night. I was proud to be called up for the top five. I was overwhelmed and grateful when my name was announced and I was handed the giant $1,000 check! I had wanted to win, I had told my wife I was going to win, and I did everything I could to achieve this goal. I celebrated that Saturday night, enjoyed my day off on Sunday, and was back in the gym Monday, looking for something more…


David winning the $1,000 Challenge


I was happy winning the ten-week competition, but I needed a new goal. I was grateful for everyone that had helped me in my journey and it was time for me to give back. I decided I wanted to coach the next session of ten-week students. It was one of the more rewarding decisions I have made. The experience level with the new students varied with some needing little help and some not knowing where to begin. It was great helping people through the highs and lows of week five testing and being able to share their excitement when they tested out at ten weeks. It doesn’t seem possible, but I experienced more joy and fulfillment in seeing two students that I helped win the ten-week completion than when I had won it myself.

Farrell’s has changed my life in so many ways it’s difficult to narrow it down to just a few. I learned that it’s never too late to get in shape, to recapture that magic of youth. I started Farrell’s at 46 years old. I’m now 47 and in better shape than when I was 37, and I’m getting closer to being in the shape I was at 27. I’ve generally been confident in life, but my experience with Farrell’s has put my confidence through the roof. Getting fit and healthy improves every aspect of life; relationships, career, and overall wellbeing. Farrell’s has shown me that it is NEVER too late to have a new life.

David is a FIT member at our Elk River, MN Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping location.

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